Anecdotes for Children

John Barclay, Select Anecdotes and Instructive Incidents taken from publications of several members of the Society of Friends, (New York: Isaac T. Hopper, 1833). According to Thomas Hamm, “John Barclay was born in 1979 and died in 1838. He spent his life in England, mostly around London. He was a descendent of Robert the Apologist. He edited a number of books during his relatively short life. The one I know best is the diary of Alexander Jaffray, which is a basic source for Quakerism in Scotland. He also edited Isaac Penington’s letters. His last project was a series of early Quaker writings; he got out five volumes before his death. I don’t know much about the Select Anecdotes. I do know that Hicksite Friends continue to circulate English Quaker books like this. I’m now reading the FRIENDS INTELLIGENCER for the 1850s and find a number of articles taken from British Quaker publications.” (e-mail from Thomas Hamm, 9/15/97)


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