Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting Workshop

Marge Abbott will lead a workshop at the July 27-31, sick 2011 sessions of Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting in Richmond, web Indiana:

“HUMILITY AND HOLY BOLDNESS: Sharing what we know of the Infinite.” In addition to her personal struggle to find words to speak of the work of the Spirit in her life, Marge has encountered the dilemma within her meeting community around the many languages individuals have for the spiritual journey, and the concern many hold not to harm or offend others with the words they use. She has come to believe that this is one of many places where we are called to live out a paradox: the paradox of speaking with holy boldness and speaking with humility. This workshop will explore some of the dimensions of humility and how that is manifest, as well as ways in which we might speak with integrity of what we know of God.

For more information go to The Ohio Yearly Meeting website

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