Wednesdays, January 25-March 14, 20112 – 6:30-8:00 pm
Reedwood Friends Church, 2901 SE Steele St. 503.234.5017

Waiting in the silence can change us. Listening to others and being listened to can help us live out a vision of a just, compassionate world. Listening can break down the barriers that keep us from God and can make us more tender to the motions of the Spirit.
In this 8-week course we will speak about what we encounter in worship or as we go about our day with our hearts tuned to that which is eternal. What is it to know the seed? How does it change my life? Where is it calling me? How do I nurture and encourage that place within which touches and helps make real the New Creation, the Kingdom of God?

January 25 — Hard Words: How do we speak out of the depths of faith in a language authentic to our experience in a community with little common language? How do we listen better to those whose language is difficult to hear?
February 1 — Encountering the Seed: This session will be a time of sharing on how each of us has experienced the divine Seed – in worship, in individual prayer or meditation, or unexpectedly.
February 8 — Prayer and Renewal: Attention to God and expectant listening for the Inward Guide are central to the Quaker understanding of the Way. What are my practices? How do I prevent or respond to burnout? How do my spiritual practices make me more aware of what I am being called to do.
February 15 –Leadings and Transformation: Transformation is part of every life again and again. Most change is incremental, yet at times it comes suddenly. This session will be a time for consideration of how we discern what is of God and how we nurture or resist such changes in our lives.
February 21 –To Take up the Cross Daily: Jesus said “follow me” and told us to love God and one another. Margaret Fell tells us that obedience to the cross is the power of God. Isaac Penington speaks of the cross in his well-known passage about following the Guide. How does taking up the cross call us to change inwardly and outwardly?
February 29 — Accompaniment: Who accompanies me on this journey? What support do I need? What do I receive and who offers it? What needs changing and how might that happen? How might we help one another to take up the cross so that we might hear and heed God’s particular call to us jointly and individually?
March 7 — Being Still Among Chaos and Pain: What have you found useful in facing pain in your own life or in being an anchor of stillness in difficult situtations? What might taking up the cross have to teach us about being with, and not fleeing from, the suffering in the world and in our own lives?
March 14 — On Being Broken and Tender: To be broken and tender is to be part of a community that stretches back hundreds of years and reaches around the globe. What might that community look like more fully realized? How might we stand in the place of paradox that is part of being broken and tender?

Reedwood Classes are Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00pm, free of charge. The center’s courses seek to stimulate adult learners both intellectually and spiritually through interaction with specialists in specific fields of study.
For those interested, there is a simple soup supper served before the class at 5:30pm in the Friendship Center. There are also children’s and youth ministries that gather during the 6:30-8:00pm block.

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